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Bolt Pattern Analysis Features
Multiple Views

Choose between a graphical or data
Analyze Multiple Parts

Calculate basic statistics including Cp
and Cpk.
Perform "Best-Fit" Simulations

Accurately calculate machine corrections
(translations and rotations) from a
stream of parts.
Data Adjustment Tools

Manually adjust the data and see what
happens to your pattern error and
process capability. Great way to
simulate corrections when machine
adjustments are limited.
Coordinate System Tools

Change the coordinate system to match
the manufacturing process.
Construction Tools

Construct circles to help diagnose
machine adjustments.
Project Explorer

Navigate to different patterns in one
project. Great for evaluating multiple
machines:  Example Operation 10,
operation 20 etc.
Uncomplicated Tools to Build a Project

Enter data manually, import from files or
use the Data Collector. The Data
Collector automates the extraction of
data from software like QC-CALC
Real-Time, CMM software and other
data sources. With a click of a button the
Data Collector reads data from all the
data sources and builds your project
Exclude Holes from Analysis

Some features may be more critical than
others. Isolate the features you want to
include in the “Best-Fit” calculations.
Simple Operator Interface

Uses ribbon control (like Microsoft Office) .
Graphics View
Data View No "Best Fit"
Data View "Best Fit"
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