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Training Videos

Introduction to View and Edit
    Learn about Reaction Plan Manager++ screen layout and get an
    introduction to View and Edit.

Reaction Plan Manager++ Solution
    Learn what makes up a solution.

How to Build A Reaction Plan Manager++ Solution
    Learn how to start building a solution.

Dimension Items
    Learn how Dimension Items work and how to configure one to analyze

Dimension Type
         Learn about the Dimension Type Property,

Links - Introduction
    See how Links are used to perform custom calculations, share data
    between dimensions items and summarize information.

Links - Lesson 1 How to Design and Build Links (Process Shift)
    Learn how to build links.  This lesson will teach you how to use links to
    apply process shifts.  For example:  Adjusting tool 1 may require adjusting
    tools 2 and 3.  Using process shift Links you can link tool 1 to  2 and 3.  In
    one report the operator will have all the adjustments for all the tools.

Links - Lesson 2 How to Design and Build Links (Summarize Information)
    Learn how to build links.  This lesson will teach you how to use links to
    summarize information.  For example:  A process captures measurement
    information for 30 holes.  Using links you can summarize all the
    information in a couple of plots making it easy for an operator to interpret
    the manufacturing process.

How to Setup the Detail View
    Learn how to setup the Detail View.

Automatic Export from QC-CALC Real-Time to RPM++
    Learn how to setup QC-CALC Real-Time to automatically send data to
    Reaction Plan Manager++.

Reaction Plan Manager++ Setup
    Learn how to setup the Reaction Plan Manager++ software.

Operator Stations
    Learn about Operator Stations, how they are used, why they are important
    and how to set them up.

Importing A Solution - (Update Operator Station Solutions Without Losing Data)
    Learn how to use the Import tool to copy changes made in one solution to
    another.  The import tool guarantees solution updates are transferred to
    multiple copies of Reaction Plan Manager++ without losing data.

Analyze Hole Patterns From RPM++
    Learn how to analyze hole patterns using data collected from RPM++.

Configure RPM++ to Analyze Hole Patterns
    Learn how to configure RPM++ to analyze hole patterns.

Writing Data Files
    Learn how to develop a solution that writes data files.  
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