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Reaction Plan Manager® ++ Operator Station
Operator Station

The Reaction Plan Manager++ Operator Station solution
provides a mechanism to push measurement data from the
inspection equipment to the shop floor.  The data is
analyzed at the Operator Station and process adjustment
instructions displayed to the machine operator in real-time.  
There are no printed reports.  With a click of a button the
operator has access to process control information for each
machine in his area.
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How it Works

Reaction Plan Manager++ processes data and displays the results on
the computer in the inspection room (usually on the measurement
machine).  The inspector has an opportunity to review the results.  With
a click of a button the new part data is transferred to the Operator
Stations for processing.  The Operator Stations are computers located
in the manufacturing area running Reaction Plan Manager++.  The data
is analyzed and the machine adjustment instructions displayed to the
machine operator.  There is no wait time.  No printed reports.  The data
sent to the Operator Stations is filtered so the machine operator only
sees the Reaction Plans associated with his machines.  (See
illustration below).  
Key Benefits:

  • Process Adjustment Instruction on Shop
    Floor in Real-Time!

  • Eliminate Bad Measurement Data You can
    configure the Inspection Station to
    automatically send the data to the Operator
    Station or let the inspector decide if the
    data should be sent.  Letting the inspector
    decide gives him the ability to re-measure
    parts before sending it to the Operator
    Station.  If the data looks bad due to
    measurement error it does not get sent.

  • Filtered Data  The inspection data is
    filtered at the Inspection station then
    transferred to the appropriate Operator
    Stations.  What does that mean?  The
    machine operator only sees the reports
    that relate to his equipment.  Makes it really
    simple for the machine operator.

  • Use all the Reaction Plan Manager++
    features  Since the Operator Station is a
    full copy of RPM++ you can use additional
    capabilities built into RPM++.  For
    example:  resetting the part counters when
    adjustments are made, tracking machine
    adjustments… etc

  • No More Printed Reports!... No More Print
    Cartridges!!!  Printed reports are
    frustrating.  Constantly replacing print
    cartridges, replacing paper, replacing
    printers, machine operators losing reports
    and forgetting what adjustments are
    made.  That all goes away when
    implementing the Operator Station.  If you
    ignore all the obvious cost saving benefits
    of using the Operator Station solution and
    only focus on printer related cost.  You will
    quickly recoup the investment.