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Reaction Plan Viewer -What the Shop Sees
The Viewer displays real-time analysis results in a slide show format. The operator sees only the needed results.
and performs the calculations.
Automatic Export from QC-CALC Real-Time Software

Automatic exporting from QC-CALC allows you to statistically monitor a process and automatically trigger a
reaction plan. The plan then recommends machine adjustments based on statistical indicators from the process
Remote Execution

The Viewer is portable allowing you to measure parts
in the CMM room and display the Reaction Plan on
another computer where the parts are machined.
Operator Notes

Your machine operators can optionally enter notes
(shown at right) when a reaction is needed providing a
running history of problems and solutions.
Automatic Document Saving

Every processed Reaction Plan is saved in folders
organized by name and date. Great for tracking
machine adjustments!

processor or drawing application for easy sharing.
Terms of Use.
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