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At Becker Quality Solutions, we appreciate the saying, "Time is money". Our goal is to help keep your manufacturing process producing quality parts with minimal machine down time. We focus on getting the right information in the hands of the operator on the shop floor.

Our flagship product, Reaction Plan Manager®++, achieves this objective by analyzing part measurement data in real time to produce specific instructions for the operator to adjust his machine.

Reaction Plan Manager®++ Software

In today’s fast paced manufacturing environment operators struggle to make machine adjustments because they don’t have the time or ability to interpret the part measurement results. This confusion leads to machine down time and scrap. The Reaction Plan Manager++ software solution eliminates operator confusion by converting part measurement information into process control information in real-time.

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Case Study – Kemlab Production Components

Demo Video - Process Adjustments Using QC-CALC

Bolt Pattern Analysis Software

If you make parts with holes then this product is for you! The Bolt Pattern Analysis software provides tools to evaluate the process of manufacturing holes. Within seconds you can determine how well your machine is targeted and how to fix it if adjustments are required. What separates the Bolt Pattern Analysis software from other packages is the ability to group holes into patterns and use multiple parts in an analysis.

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Demo Video - Analyzing Hole Patterns Using QC-CALC