Reaction Plan Manager++ Shop Floor View

Reaction Plan View
Choosing a process (button) from the Process Status dashboard displays the Reaction Plan View. Tools are provided to show a history of Reaction Plan events, retrieve reports and perform data analytics for a process. The event history is displayed as a list arranged by time with the latest on top. Each event is easy to identify by date, location, part ID and severity. You pick the start time, end time and location to filter the events.
Event Information (RPM++ Report)
Click on the event from the list to retrieve the information displayed to the operator at that date and time. The information includes the operator instructions, dimension information, process information and last run information.
Data Analytics
Provides an RPM++ event count for a process over a duration of time grouped by severity. A manager can utilize this information to determine if operators are measuring their parts and adjusting the process per the instructions for a machine during a shift. Data analytics are also available at the feature level (Summary tab). A severity level and rule violation count are calculated by feature over a duration of time. Using this information an engineer can easily determine which features failed to meet the process control criteria.